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Get to know the dentist

My name is Martin Ro. Local guy here, went to this high schools, jc Cal State Northridge, UCLA, dental School. Been here off and on since 1981, so practice here on Lancaster Boulevard, the Boulevard dentist. Been here now almost five years. I have an autistic son take care of him on a daily basis. He lives with me. [00:00:30] We see a lot of kids in various, both physical and mental, special needs, behavioral problems, things like that. Can’t see ’em all because some of ’em, you can’t communicate well with them, but I’d say 80 to 90% of ’em we can take care of here and help them out. We see all kinds here. Families, little kids, old people, everybody in between. Do a lot of crown and bridge, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, surgeries, [00:01:00] different things. Doing it all. Then still crank on.

Grin ’n bare ’em!

For over four decades, Dr. Martin Orro has provided exceptional dental care to individuals and generations of families in Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Antelope Acres, Pearblossom, Leona Valley, and surrounding communities throughout our slice of the Antelope Valley in southern California. Our experienced dentist sets the tone for our office in Lancaster, which is staffed by an equally skilled and passionate team.

While, first and foremost, we are approachable and strive to create the most comfortable, fear- and stress-free experience possible, the office of Martin Orro DDS is joined in this pursuit by carefully selected advanced technologies and techniques. We have the onsite capabilities to provide stand-out services, including:

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  • Mercury-free dentistry
  • All ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Precision-fit, natural-looking prosthetics, not limited to immediate dentures 
  • Range of oral appliance therapies that prevent damage resulting from bruxism (teeth grinding) to sports-related injuries
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Sleep medicine to non-invasively correct Obstructive Sleep Apnea and other forms of Sleep-Disordered Breathing without CPAP therapy

We also provide comprehensive services to protect the appearance, health, and function of teeth and oral tissues. These services evolve alongside you! Our team appreciates that it is never too early to get into a healthy habit of routine exams and professional cleanings.

Likewise, tooth loss need not be in your future. Our restorative procedures are designed to preserve the teeth conservatively. Since patients of all ages desire and deserve a beautiful, comfortable, and healthy smile, the office of Martin Orro DDS is also adept at providing high-quality cosmetic dental care. These options include clear aligners (including Invisalign®), a discreet and removable alternative to fixed braces made from silver-colored metals, and professional take-home and in-office teeth whitening.

As your partners in oral care in Lancaster, California, we help individuals of all ages to “Grin ‘n bare ‘em”!

Call (661) 943-2938 to schedule an appointment at our office. For your convenience, we offer ample parking and free WiFi, and you can even request an appointment at any time from this website.

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For multiple cosmetic or general problems, a smile makeover will be the best form of treatment.

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A ceramic crown in Lancaster, California, provides a natural-looking restoration that is strong and lasting.

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If your damaged teeth are causing you pain or you wish to replace a filling with a stronger alternative, call us.

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Sleeping well, can reduce many other health issues including dental problems as well.

Dr. Martin Orro

Dr. Martin Orro grew up locally in Saugus and Acton. A graduate of CSU Northridge (double major in chemistry and molecular biology – 1976) and UCLA School of Dentistry (DDS – 1981), he has done research and taught at both institutions. Advanced studies and research in TMJ dysfunction, dentinal sensitivity, composite wear, etc., have led to publications and patents. Dr. Orro lives in Leona Valley with his wife Linda and autistic son Aleks. He enjoys music, ballistics, and home improvement. Check out his website at

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Providing patients with the beautiful, healthy smile they dream of is the foundation for our practice. Our staff is here to serve you. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you.