Clear aligners: Correct shifting teeth, and get your dream smile with this comfortable alternative to braces

Does the thought of orthodontic treatment immediately conjure images of pesky, silver-colored “metal mouth” braces? Do you still associate such treatment with teens? While many teenagers still benefit from lighter-weight and less obtrusive braces, we encourage you to broaden your perception of orthodontic treatment. Today’s orthodontic treatments at Martin Orro, DDS, are not limited to braces. There are treatment options, many of which appeal to patients of all ages, including adults.

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Clear aligners

Dr. Martin Orro has stayed on top of evolving dental treatments and technologies for over four decades. He may recommend clear aligner therapy as a discreet and removable alternative to fixed (non-removable), silver-hued braces made from stainless steel from his office in Lancaster, California.

While every company offers unique materials and designs, orthodontic treatment with clear aligners generally works in the same way (regardless of the specific brand):

  • A series of aligners made from a transparent and flexible plastic is provided to the patient.
  • Each aligner is worn in the correct order, usually for around one to two weeks.
  • The aligners slip into the mouth and over the teeth, and should stay that way at all times (even overnight, when sleeping) — except during meals and when brushing and flossing.
  • Failure to wear the aligners as directed can delay treatment.
  • Visit our office as advised by Dr. Orro, so he can check your teeth, answer any questions or address concerns, and provide you with the next set of aligners to correspond with the next stage of treatment.

Each aligner places gentle yet consistent pressure on the teeth to gradually straighten them. Clear aligner therapy uses the same fundamental principles as conventional straightening. Instead of fixed brackets and wires, smooth and clear aligners are used. The total number of aligners provided to you depends on the nature of your malocclusion (misalignment) and its severity. Treatment time varies from patient to patient and depends on various unique factors.

Schedule your consultation for clear aligners with Dr. Orro today! During your appointment, we can show you exactly how the treatment will straighten your teeth. Thanks to cutting-edge software, you can see what your improved smile would look like. This software is also used to precisely design your custom aligners.

What Are Clear Aligners?

While the idea of straight, perfectly aligned teeth is exciting to think about, the thought of traditional braces is not. Clear Aligners, an orthodontic alternative, has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade. Clear Aligners are a fast and convenient orthodontic alternative that utilizes personally crafted clear plastic aligners to shift teeth into their proper position and alignment gradually.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear Aligners are crafted to straighten your teeth over a prescribed amount of time. Using clear plastic aligners that are comfortable and discreet, Clear Aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth, which results in gradual movement into their proper position and alignment. Once you have gone through the preliminary consultation and received your aligners, you will start with the first in the series. You will move to the next aligner every few weeks, gradually progressing to the last set of aligners. Each set of aligners is designed to progress the movement of your teeth until you reach your ideal smile.

What Is The Difference Between Clear Aligners and Traditional Braces?

There are several distinct differences between Clear Aligners and traditional braces. The most apparent difference is that Clear Aligners are nearly invisible to the naked eye. This allows our patients in Lancaster, California, to receive the orthodontic treatment they need without having to let the rest of the world know it. Compare this to the very apparent metal wires and brackets of traditional braces. Another big difference is that Clear Aligners are removable, whereas traditional braces are fixed to the teeth and cannot be removed for the duration of treatment. Another difference our patients appreciate is that, due to Clear Aligners’ removable nature, there are no dietary restrictions. Simply remove your aligners when it is time to eat!

How Long Do I Need To Wear My Aligners?

Before you decide to start Clear Aligner treatment, you must be able to commit to wearing your clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day. Doing so will ensure that you hit your goals within the predicted timeframes. Failing to wear your aligners for this amount of time each day can result in delayed or even reversed results.

Do I Qualify For Clear Aligners?

Regardless of brand, the technology behind clear aligner treatment continues to advance and develop. This means more people than ever before can qualify for these treatments. In many cases, teens and adults alike can take advantage of Clear Aligners to improve and straighten their bite. A consultation with Dr. Orro and our team in Lancaster, California, will determine your eligibility.

How Long Does Clear Aligner Treatment Last?

While every situation is unique, most patients who choose Clear Aligners can expect a treatment duration ranging from 12 to 18 months. Dr. Orro and our team will be able to provide a more personalized estimate when you visit our office in Lancaster, California.

How Do I Clean My Aligners?

Keeping your mouth clean is the best way to keep clear aligners clean. Regular brushing and flossing before inserting your aligners will help keep them clean. Rinsing your aligners with warm (not hot) water can also help keep them clean.

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Dr. Martin Orro

Dr. Martin Orro, DDS, brings over 40 years of dental expertise to our practice. A local of Saugus and Acton, he graduated from CSU Northridge and UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Orro’s dedication to dental excellence is underscored by his tenure in research and teaching at both esteemed institutions. His extensive study in TMJ dysfunction, dentinal sensitivity, and composite wear has resulted in publications and patents. Trust Dr. Orro for unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication to your dental well-being.