Restore and Protect your Smile with Soft Tissue Grafting

Exposure of the tooth roots because of gum disease, impact trauma, aging, or other causes could negatively alter your daily habits and the look of your smile. Martin Orro, DDS, can graft soft tissue to be placed over the exposed tooth root or to prevent the gum tissue from further weakening and receding.

Soft tissue grafts made available to those in the Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Antelope Acres, Pearblossom, and Leona Valley area are not only necessary for aesthetic purposes like covering exposed roots or not liking that your teeth look longer. Having exposed roots can make eating hot or cold foods and liquids difficult because of increased temperature sensitivity.

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Why You May Need a Soft Tissue Graft

Gum recession can occur for many different reasons: periodontal disease such as gingivitis, brushing your teeth too harshly, as well as for natural reasons such as aging. Even though you may not have directly caused your gums to recede, Dr. Martin Orro will be able to determine the reasons for your receding gums. In doing so, the patient and dentist will be able to control the receding from continuing if possible. Once the gums are stable, a soft tissue graft can mend the damaged gum tissue and stop further gum recession and bone loss from occurring.

Types of Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft tissue grafts usually come in one of three forms. The first type of soft tissue graft is called a free gingival graft. In this procedure, Dr. Orro will take a piece of tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth and stitch it where the graft is needed in order for it to thicken the affected tissue.

The second type of soft tissue graft is called a connective tissue graft, and it is used when the area of exposure is larger. The connective tissue is usually taken from the hard palate in the roof of the mouth but could also come from different areas in the mouth. It too is then stitched to the affected grafting area. This is one of the more popular procedures done by dentists when there are exposed tooth roots.

The third type of soft tissue graft is called a pedicle graft. This sort of graft shares soft tissue by cutting a part of it and moving it to cover the graft area without fully removing it. This can promote quicker healing and better results for patients who are eligible for the procedure.

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Dr. Martin Orro

Dr. Martin Orro, DDS, brings over 40 years of dental expertise to our practice. A local of Saugus and Acton, he graduated from CSU Northridge and UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Orro’s dedication to dental excellence is underscored by his tenure in research and teaching at both esteemed institutions. His extensive study in TMJ dysfunction, dentinal sensitivity, and composite wear has resulted in publications and patents. Trust Dr. Orro for unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication to your dental well-being.